Our Clients

“Choosing to be coached was hands-down one of the best decisions we’ve made. The progress we’ve made in the first couple months would have taken us a year or more to figure out on our own. 

The best part about Growth Choice is that it combines business tactics with emotional skills – two essential components to growing a company. Growth Choice has the pedigree and experience to contribute on both of those, which is very rare to find. On the business end, Growth Choice has helped us set up systems and process around all aspects of our business — finance, sales, marketing, product, etc.

On the emotional skill end, we’ve improved who we are as people, how we communicate with each other, and how we communicate with our team. Growing a business is all about the people, and Elizabeth is helping us master the emotional skills required to succeed. The best part is that all of the coaching is centered around our mission and vision as a company.

Growth Choice cares about our long term mission and vision but provides us the near term tactics and training that will roadmap to achieving our long term goals. Growth Choice cares about us and our business as if it was their own. It’s almost like having another partner in the room. It’s honestly our secret that we almost don’t want to tell anyone about, but we just have to because the coaching is so amazing and helpful.

If you’re considering hiring a coach, we’d absolutely recommend it (specifically Growth Choice, of course). In fact, we can’t imagine life without one and we think every business should have one. The value we’ve gotten already is well in excess of what we’ve paid. It’s honestly a no-brainer. Do it!!”

“I’m an entrepreneur, a wife, a mom of 2 teenagers, and a passionate singer/songwriter with an active social life. With so much going on, there are times I get overwhelmed which blocks my creativity. Coaching is one of the best ways for me to get clear and get back into full enjoyment of the life I’ve created.

During coaching, we’ve focused on business fundamentals – score carding, strategy, operations, partnership dynamics. The depth of experience and thought partnership Growth Choice brings to the table helps me get answers quickly, so I can move forward without wasting time searching on my own.

Even more impactful is the coaching we’ve done to create and maintain a sense of joy and fulfillment as I achieve across all of the areas in my life. My business, my marriage, my family, my friendships, my fitness, my hobbies are equally important for me, and success in each one, without trading off success in another, is the end game. When the different areas of my life come in conflict, how I feel about my life changes. Coaching helps me sort through breakdowns quickly, and allows me to bring my whole self – fulfilled and happy – into the world.”

“Our company is growing fast. We doubled in business last year, and are set to grow 50%+ this year, too. High growth has only one constraint – skilled leaders who can replicate performance in their area of responsibility. 

Before Growth Choice, my leaders were making a lot of very expensive hiring mistakes and losing good people who were not managed properly. Things are different now. The leadership training we developed gives my leaders the skills they need to hire the very best employees for our company, actively manage their performance, and part company with bad fit employees swiftly without a big impact to the company.

In addition, we redesigned our performance management process to include cultural components – our purpose, mission and values. Now, employees who are technically doing their job but detracting from the culture are identified early, and coached up our coached out. We are upping our leadership game and it feels great.”